Wastes • Wastewater treatment plants • Wastewater lagoons • Slaughter houses • Sludge treatment • Composting • Flare stacks • Fireplaces • Storage areas • Trucks • Path • Scrubbers • Pumping stations • Etc.

The various stages of waste management can cause some problems, as well as odor nuisance for the immediate community. The activities dedicated for transhipment, as well as landfilling, are known to produce strong offensive odors.

Super-F products and our systems are designed and adapted to neutralize the main sources of nauseous air emissions from the transhipment and sorting centers, landfills, water treatment ponds and leaching.

Our products address all kinds of issues of most common smells such, municipal sludge, the collection of household, commercial and industrial waste, transport and storage of waste and composting. With the Super-F technology and our equipment, we offer technical solutions adapted to your needs. We neutralize the odor problems in these various locations.

Treatment of a transfer site