Wastes • Wastewater treatment plants • Wastewater lagoons • Slaughter houses • Sludge treatment • Composting • Flare stacks • Fireplaces • Storage areas • Trucks • Path • Scrubbers • Pumping stations • Etc.

Odor treatment is essential for industries trying to respect with regulations becoming more stringent in order to improve working conditions and living conditions in the neighborhood. Super-F provides solutions for all kinds of industries with odor problems.

With our technology and equipment, we offer technical solutions adapted to your needs to control all odors from your industry. By using our systems Air Sent (dry vapor) or our dilution and atomization systems, we can handle various points, such as: fireplaces, washing towers, retention ponds, sludge tanks, composting sites, storage, opening doors and many others.

Super-F Technology neutralizes the odor problems in these various locations. Accordingly, the Super-F products prove effective, simple and inexpensive to remove any odor sources. Our results will live up to your expectations in the reduction of odors, to avoid inconvenience while meeting environmental regulations.

Treatment of a transfer site